Why Baby Clothes are the New Black

Why Baby Clothes are the New Black

  • Alissa & Kurt Hummel

New parents will quickly understand that baby clothes are super important. The precious little human being you brought into the world is gorgeous and you just can’t wait to dress your baby boy or baby girl up in all kinds of rompers, onesies, sets, and more.

Many people can argue that babies grow up faster than one may realize and that getting them clothes is not a big deal. But it is! There’s something wonderful about getting beautiful baby clothes for your baby girl or baby boy.

More than that, babies are known to be extremely messy, so don’t think for a second that having just a couple of rompers will do! They will stain their clothes in many different ways because accidents (especially diaper accidents) are bound to happen, so having a little closet for your baby girl or baby boy is always a good idea.

Plus, there are so many incredible baby clothes out there that you won’t be able to stop yourself from getting a bunch of items for your baby.

If you think it’s not really necessary to get baby clothes for babies, let me persuade you! Here are a few reasons why having a nice selection of baby clothes is always a good idea.


Babies Are Messy

Babies are messy and this is an undeniable universal truth and fact. From the moment they’re born and especially as they walk into those magical toddler years, babies will most definitely be messy and dirty. That’s just how it is!

When your baby is still getting the hang of his body, you will have more than a couple diaper accidents, that’s for sure. As they begin crawling and being able to grab things, they will find more than one way to mess up their clothes and get dirty. As they go into their toddler years where they start walking, picking things up, and their curiosity just takes over them, you will find yourself dealing with more stains than you ever thought possible.

Whether it’s liquids, food, dirt or other substances, such as ink from markers, your makeup, and more, you can be sure they will get them all over their clothes. This doesn’t only mean you’ll have a lot of washing to do, it also means some of their clothes will not make it.

Baby girls and baby boys are amazing, and they’re also inquisitive and just messy, which is something you learn right away. This is why having a good amount of spare clothes is always a good idea. You never know what can happen and it’s better to have options!

What’s more, baby clothes are super easy to clean because they’re usually made of incredibly soft and high-quality fabrics to ensure their comfort. In fact, baby clothes are designed with the parents in mind! Producers understand that baby clothes will end up in the wash more often than you’d like as a parent, so they make sure they make it as convenient for you as possible.

babies are messy


Baby Clothes Are So Nice!

It’s completely normal to want your baby to look good. I mean, you look at their little faces and all you want is to dress them up and make them look even more adorable than they already are.

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that and it makes for great pictures that they will be able to look back on when they’re older. The fact that you want your baby to be well-dressed just means you care about them and it’s one of the many ways you have to show how much you care for them and love them.

It’s true that babies and toddlers don’t have a fashion sense and they are still unable to decide how they’re dressed, but the fact that you take the time to put together their little outfits speaks wonders. It’s just another way to show your appreciation and love for them!

What’s more, you have many different opportunities to show off your baby. Whether that’s family gatherings, parties with friends, small get-together, and more. Those events are important because you want your baby to look as well as you do. Plus, those are the moments that end up in family albums, so it’s only natural to want your baby to look as well as you do, if not better!

The great thing about this is that there are many kinds of baby clothes out there and you will not struggle to find stylish, beautiful items to make your baby stand out. Baby clothes are taken quite seriously today and many stores and boutiques, such as ours, have high-quality items that will guarantee your baby girl or baby boy will look super sharp.

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Thinking Ahead

We already mentioned above that babies grow awfully fast. This means that you won’t get a second chance to dress your baby in a gorgeous romper for one-week-old babies or any other kind of item you fall in love with. It also means that you will need new clothes for your baby continuously.

Thinking ahead and buying clothes for the next stage in your baby’s development is always a good idea and it’s a way to avoid getting caught in an emergency or make your baby uncomfortable in the meantime.

Buying a set of larger clothes is smart and it will also serve as a reminder that your baby will outgrow the clothes they’re wearing at the moment, which means you shouldn’t overdo it either. Just get the essentials and you will still have a blast dressing your baby on a daily basis.


Final Words

As you can see, baby clothes are not just a luxury, they’re a necessity, no matter how many people try to tell you that it’s a waste of money. Nothing is a waste of money if it makes your baby comfortable and if you’re happy doing it! If you want to experience the pleasure of seeing your baby or toddler in a cute outfit, then go for it!

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