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Getting to Know Your Baby

Getting to Know Your Baby

  • Hey Little Scout

Getting to know your little one seems like a no brainer, right? You carried her around with you everywhere you went for nine whole months. (More if you count the time, she was a little poppyseed before you knew about her.) She felt every move, heard your heart beating above her, eventually your voice and even threw in some extra kicks when you caved and had that second cup of coffee. So why is it, now that she’s here, you feel like you’re holding a complete stranger? Because, in a way, you actually are. You’re meeting for the very first time. She knows you better than you know her. She’ll have your smell and voice down pat and be very familiar with them instantly. However, you’ve never seen, smelled or heard her until the second the nurse put her in your arms. Get ready for the most important introduction of your life, mama!

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For first time moms, it’s natural to worry. We worry about our babies from the first moment we find out we’re pregnant, likely until the day we leave this earth. It’s just what we moms do. When the baby is born, we wonder if he or she is happy, comfortable, healthy, full, rested, pooping and peeing enough, eating enough times per day…we could go on and on and on. Not to mention what we as moms are dealing with ourselves. Healing from whatever type of birth we had, hormones raging through us, milk coming in, sleepless nights; it’s all one HUGE adjustment. Pile on the fact that you’re worried about not knowing your newborn and you’ve got yourself one heck of a stressful mess!

Well, we’re about to drop some awesome news on you right now. You will know your baby, you will LOVE your baby, you will be able to do exactly what that baby needs you to do. Those first weeks at home will all run together into a blur of feedings and diaper changes. You’ll feel like that’s all you’re doing and that’s OK. Those long hours in the night? Great opportunities to talk to that little one and look at that sweet, innocent face. Those constant feedings? Whether your sweet babe is fed by bottle or breast, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re giving him what he needs. In your arms, he’s comfortable, warm and loved.

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Soon, those blurry times discussed above will be over and you’ll wonder where the time is going. You’ll know by baby’s cries by whether or not she is colicky, gassy, hungry or tired. (We promise.) Spend enough time with a person, tiny or big, and you’re bound to figure out their needs, emotions, tones and quirks. Take comfort in the fact that no other mama knows any of this when their little one is born. How could we? First time or fifth time, that baby is NEW to you and there are some things you two will have to work out. No matter how experienced you are as a mom. Be confident in yourself that YOU know what’s best for your tiny human and that YOU will get to know them with each passing day. They’ll make sure of it.