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8 Insane (But True) Things About Parents

8 Insane (But True) Things About Parents

  • Hey Little Scout

Becoming a parent is both scary and exciting. You think you know what is in store for you until you actually experience being one and find yourself lost in the making. It could make you think that you just bought first class tickets on a roller coaster.

Some couples who are first-time parents admit to being overwhelmed with the idea of being a parent. They tend to go overboard, which is sometimes too bizarre for other parents. Well, it can be pretty excusable knowing it’s their first. There are also some, who do not change peculiar ways even with their 3rd or 4th born babies. Here are 8 examples of ridiculous parenting practices.


Planning ahead of time -  way ahead of time.

Most people tend to plan ahead of time especially if they want everything organized before the actual day comes. Being a parent is no exception, especially if you are too excited with your change of life status. However, some take things too overboard and plan way ahead of time. They plan for their child’s dress for their debut even before she is born, or planning the kind of outfit he would be wearing at a specific age, way in the future. Some even plan for the minutest details of their kid’s birth and development, which is good but insane especially if they go on and on about it every single day.

Planning as a Parent


Buy all cute baby stuff on sale.

Actually, when it is about clothing and accessories, parents do some things that they claim to have no control over. One of them is buying all the cute baby accessories. It would be a bonus if all those baby rompers are on sale. This is mostly the case even if parents know that their baby’s closet is already full of unused clothes. Some just find it fulfilling, thinking that they are just giving their baby the best of everything.


Buying clothes two, three size bigger.

It is not that these type of parents are not fond of going shopping for their children, they just don’t have time to do it or the money to spend. That is why to make things easier for them and more practical, they choose kids clothing or any baby’s stuff two or three sizes bigger. And, what they commonly do is adjust the clothing to make it look like it fits. However, some just let it be and don’t mind what others think about it.


Keep baby clothes for future use.

Some parents can’t just let go of their baby’s clothing too easily. While others hand their children’s unused clothing to relatives or sell them online, sentimental and practical ones keep them thinking that it would suit their future baby. There are also parents who just love to hoard baby stuff or clothes even if they know that they will not be giving birth to another one anytime soon, or ever. This insane parental habit can be very annoying especially if there is no more room for those baby clothes in the house. 


Choosing all organic materials.

With the threat of unhealthy chemical use in all materials, many parents are now choosing all natural stuff for their children to ensure safety. This is why cloth diapers are very popular now compared to letting kids wear plastic, non-reusable ones. Some would even go as far as not letting any synthetic material touch their kid’s skin, chemical proofing their own homes fearing that of their child’s health.

 Organic diapers

Feeding them all-natural foods, all the time.

All parents want the best for their children. And some mothers just love feeding them healthy all the time. It is insane because some opt to give their children smoothies that they would not even think of eating in their entire life. Parents who are extreme advocates for eating healthy do not allow their children to eat sweets and other kids’ treats. 

feeding your baby


Putting kids to sleep often.

Toddlers can be a handful, and even some infants can be too noisy and messy too. Parents who do their own housework or professional work at home sometimes hope that their kids would sleep a lot at daytime so they can finish what they are doing. You just can’t blame parents who love their children very much but desperately needs peace of mind. To avoid all the ruckus and additional laundry for the day, they put their child to sleep often. But, the funny thing is, they instantly miss their child upon seeing how cozy he or she is.

putting your kid to sleep


Too much parenting.

Some parents just want to go over the top at being the best. That is why they look after their child with intense caution, following them wherever they go, being overprotective at all times, and not allowing anything or anyone to compromise their child’s safety. Although this is somewhat good, parents should also remember that children grow up when they learn and experience how life is.