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5 Newborn Hacks Every New Parent Must Know About

5 Newborn Hacks Every New Parent Must Know About

  • Hey Little Scout

Caring for a newborn or even an older infant is not an easy task, but it is always quite rewarding. This is why new parents will need to take the appropriate shortcuts when it comes to caring for their babies to save them time, stress, and energy. In fact, if more and more parents of newborns took advantage of newborn hacks and tips, they would be less stressed. Let's take a look at 5 newborn backs that all new parents need to know about right now:

1. Always Put Your Baby In A Onesie

This hack is really one that all parents of newborns need to know about because without a onesie and the baby does #2, it will likely explode and ruin the sleeper. This way, if a onesie is in place, then everything will be contained in it and will not leak in other areas which will save parents plenty of frustration and laundry! Perhaps it would even save a good-quality sleeper for the baby.


2. Place New Diaper Underneath The Dirty One During The Changing Session

 The reason that you have to change your baby's diaper is to keep your baby clean. And the last thing you want to have happened is the new diaper ends up being soiled because the baby wasn't cleaned off properly before putting it on. In order to avoid this mishap, you must place the new diaper underneath the old one so you can clean your baby's bottom thoroughly before removing the old one. Then you can put the new diaper on your baby. The bonus hack with this is if your baby is a boy, you can cover that area with the old diaper as well in order to avoid a squirt!


3. Use Pacifiers For Administering Medicine

Giving a baby medicine is not an easy task because infants don't like the taste nor the idea of something squirting in their mouths. However, the best way to get around this situation is to cut the pacifiers nipple, and then give it to your baby. After that, squirt the medicine through the tube and it will go through the hole that was cut. He or she will not even notice that any medicine was given!


4. Bicycle Motion Helps Gassy Babies

If your baby seems to have problems with gas and tends to be colicky, one thing that will help is if you place the baby on the back. Grab your baby's legs and start doing a bicycle-like motion with the legs which will help relieve some of your baby's gas. It won't cure the problem but it will help make the discomfort more manageable.


5. A Velcro Or A Zip Sleeper Is A Great Investment

There is no need to worry about your newborn unraveling the swaddling blanket and ending up getting cold as a result. The best thing to do is to get a sleeper that zips or has velcro fasteners that will be the best swaddling blanket around. That is because it will not unfasten and you can relax by knowing that your baby will be kept swaddled and warm.


These newborn hacks are useful for all parents of newborns and babies. If you know of other baby hacks that other parents can benefit from, please share them! What tips worked for your baby and why?

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