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5 Essential Self Care Tips For Moms To Utilize During The Postpartum Period

5 Essential Self Care Tips For Moms To Utilize During The Postpartum Period

  • Hey Little Scout

Self-care during the postpartum period is essential for new moms in order to reduce the risk of her developing postpartum depression or making it more manageable if it happens. This may seem like an impossible task for moms since they are constantly having to tend to their newborn's needs since a routine cannot yet be developed right after the baby is born. However, the good news is that there are self-care tips that moms can utilize during the postpartum period that will help her adjust to her new life. Let's look at 5 of those tips right now:


  1. Eat Right And Exercise - This is one tip that sounds cliche but the truth is, if mom can choose healthier options and make time to go on the treadmill even for 10 minutes, that will help her feel more energetic and overall well. Cooking is not an option right after the baby is born. Fortunately, there are healthy takeout options so moms can take advantage of that. Or if others are bringing meals, ask them to bring you nutritious meals only. Eating too much sugar and trans fats will only make mom feel even worse.


  1. Learn On A Support System - It is important to rely on a network of moms that are struggling with their postpartum period. Surrounding yourself with those who clearly understand what you are going through since they are going through the same thing themselves is extremely helpful. Additionally, new moms will not feel nearly as isolated either.


  1. Don't Ignore Negative Feelings But Focus On The Positive Ones - You will have negative feelings when you have just given birth, you are not sleeping through the night since the baby is always up, and all of a sudden caring for a new being! You may even find yourself resenting your baby as a result, and if you do, don't berate yourself for it. Allow those feelings to process. Your life has been just transformed and you are in the middle of chaos. Acknowledge how you feel but at the same time, any positive feelings you have, which you will, focus on those. Focus on the excitement of your new baby growing and turning into a little person who you will love being around sooner rather than later! Focus on any milestones hit which means your baby's first smile or coo. Focus on the fact that your family has expanded!


  1. Take Breaks And Find Time To Spend With Your Partner - You simply cannot be around the baby 24/7 and this means you will need to take breaks. If you are fortunate enough to have a trusted family member that can watch the baby for an hour, then allow it to happen. Or invest in a renowned caregiving service to provide some help so you can have a break either by yourself or spend time with your partner even if that means to stay in another part of the home. You also need to spend time with your friends. It is important to take breaks in order to keep your spirits high. Your baby will fine.


  1. Develop Only Realistic Expectations - You cannot care for your baby alone and take care of the housework at the same time. Not right after giving birth. Either ask for help when it comes to doing housework or leave it be for the time being. Your home will not be in tip top shape and you need to realize that you are not super-human. You are human and you have a new baby to care for. Anything else will have to wait, or you can delegate those tasks to others.


Having a new baby, especially if it is the first one will transform your life in more ways than anyone can really explain. And, no one can prepare you for how much your life will change once you become a parent. This is why it is essential to take advantage of the self-care tips given above in order to keep your physical, mental, and emotional health in check. However, if you are utilizing these tips and you are becoming depressed regardless, then you need to contact your doctor right away.