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10 Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep

10 Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep

  • Hey Little Scout

10 Ways to Get Your Baby to Sleep

Newborns have a hard time telling night from day, which is why they have trouble getting the hang of sleeping during the first weeks of life. But once that period has passed, you can begin establishing good sleep habits to get them to sleep through the night faster.


Here are 10 different ways to do that:


  1. Be Strategic About Light


During the day, make sure you allow lots of sunlight and brightness into your home and in the evening, dim the lights so you can get them used to the changes of the day.


  1. Swaddle Them


During the first five months of their lives babies have what’s called a startle reflex, which means they constantly feel like they’re falling. This can cause them to wake up suddenly, but that’s where baby clothing comes in, and swaddling will prevent this.


  1. Feed Them Before Bed


Feeding your baby right before you go to bed will keep your baby from waking up after you’re already asleep. This won’t only help your baby sleep for longer, it will also allow you to rest. Do this for the first 4 months and it will make a difference.


  1. Keep Daytime Naps Short


I know the last thing you want to do is wake your little angel, but allowing them to sleep for over two and a half hours during the day will definitely affect them during the night. Wake your baby up after that mark, feed them, and keep them active before you lay them down again.


  1. Use White Noise


Using white noise allows you to keep your baby focused on that rather than on whatever’s going on outside his room so he can get a better sleep!


  1. Respect the Eat, Wake, Sleep Cycle


When babies wake up, they eat, they stay awake for a while, and then they go back down. This cycle needs to be respected because it encourages full feedings, it allows the baby to become more tired so he can sleep longer between feedings, and it’s overall the right thing to do.


  1. Create Consistent Routines for Naps and Bedtime


Babies need structure, so having consistent routines for naps and bedtime is essential. Pre-nap routines can include taking the baby to their room, closing the curtains, rocking them, singing to them, etc. Bedtime routines can include a bath, stories, feeding, swaddling, and more.


  1. Be Strategic About Diaper Change


When your baby wakes up for their feeding in the middle of the night, take the opportunity to change their diaper so they don’t wake up too much after that.


  1. Don’t Rush to Their Rescue


If your baby cries a little or rustles at night, don’t rush in there every time. Babies often wake up, babble a bit, and go back to sleep by themselves. Give them a minute to settle, and if they don’t, then you can go in.


  1. Don’t Turn on the Lights


If your baby does wake up, don’t turn on the lights or take them to a bright room. Keep everything nice and dark while you help them back to sleep.